Thursday, March 15, 2012

Never Give-in; Never Give-up; Everything is Possible.

"Never Give-in; Never Give-up; Everything is Possible". Those were the words that kept on ringing in my head long after the book release function that I attended. And I'm talking about the launch of the book "Gray Wolves and White Doves" at ITC Windsor Sheraton on 25-Feb, that I was fortunate enough to have attended (thanks to a fellow Book worm, Gopinath, who also helped organize the launch in Bangalore). Dr. John Ballian, the author, was gracious enough to sign a copy of the book.

I haven't read much of "fiction" type books and I was wary of investing so much time to read a fiction. One quick look at Amazon told me that there were 82 reviews and all of them had given 5 stars. I read the free chapter available at Amazon and was immediately drawn into it and was looking forward for the launch.

The launch was a typical function, with several dignitaries, book lovers and well wishers of Dr. John had dropped by. Dr. John read out a few para-graphs and answered a ton of extremely interesting questions. The book, as it turns out, is Dr. John's own story of sorts. “This novel is the story of a child’s search for his self in the middle of the feuds and turmoil of the ever-changing world we live in,” Balian said. Asked for the main message of the book, without taking even a second, Balian said "Never give-in, never-give-up, everything is possible".

I came back intrigued and spent almost the entire Sunday and completed the book. Gray Wolves and White Doves is a "can't put it down" adventure/thriller. In Balian's story, a young boy overcomes nearly insurmountable odds, oppression and danger through a journey that takes him from the wheat fields of Anatolia, to the birth place of Jesus Christ and finally to salvation and safety. It's a journey that takes a child to manhood packed with experiences that could only be had in a hundred lifetimes. John's writing style is so vivid, gripping and rich in detail and full of authenticity. The protagonist and the hero Hanah Ibelin personifies courage, perseverance, hope and inspiration and the triumph of human spirit.

There is a reason why the tag line of the book is: "A story unlike any told before; A story told unlike any before". And it is completely justified.

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